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Celebrate Culture with This On-Campus Event

Shallow beams of fall sunshine streamed through the windows of the UC, illuminating the space between me and Sophia Tong, the event coordinator for the upcoming Around the World event. For our first time speaking in person, our conversation feels relaxed. After starting with some jovial small talk, we turn our conversation to the purpose of our meeting: The Around the World event.

   Tong works in collaboration with the SMC and ACE board to put on events for the student body. She has been working on the Around the World event since last year and was originally on the subcommittee team, but has since taken head of the project.

   To most, the beginning of October marks the start of the Halloween season. For Tong and other contributors, though, fall signals the upcoming Around the World—an event created to celebrate the variety of cultures represented by the student body. Tong explained that the purpose is to “celebrate culture and diversity. We have a lot of cultural clubs and exchange students. Anyone who wants to come and celebrate should come.” Tong emphasized that you don’t have to be a member of the cultural clubs to participate in Around the World. Anyone at Pacific can attend and learn about the cultures that exist on our campus.    

   You may be ask yourself: But what will there be to do at this event? Tong and her team have put together an array of ways to enjoy the celebration of culture. Food will be served for free; catered by Bon Appétit. There will be students from the different culture clubs performing from 6-7 pm, so don’t miss those! In addition, the culture clubs will be hosting games for people to play and learn more about different cultures. “There also might be prizes available. Go and find out,” Tong added during our interview.

   Around the World has been hosted in the past, though it was held to celebrate only exchange and international students. It has since taken a life of its own, expanding far bigger than it was in the past, with 14 cultural clubs and other campus facilities sponsoring the event. This year, the celebration will happen on October 14 from 5-8 pm in the UC. — Ashley Strobel


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