Choral Voices for Indigenous History

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Director Scott Tuomi arranges a benefit concert to fundraise for Indigenous Students

Pacific University’s student body possesses a variety of admirable qualities, and one category  it excel in is musical ability. Pacific is home to bands, orchestras, and choral groups.

   Chamber Singers and Concert Choir Director Scott Tuomi attended the recent on-campus lecture from Dr. Richard Lapchick, a human rights activist who speaks about sports and social issues. Tuomi recalls that one line from Dr. Lapchick’s speech struck a particular chord with him: “Not everyone can be on the front lines,” Dr. Lapchick said, “but no one has to be on the sidelines.”

   Tuomi has since applied this message to his choir classes at Pacific—and, the first concert of the school year will be a benefit concert for the indigenous people who first inhabited this land.

   Pacific University was founded in 1849 when settlers from the Oregon Trail set up shop in land previously occupied by the Tualatin branch of the Kalapuya tribes. With consideration to this history, Tuomoi wants to raise funds for scholarships for people of Native descent, helping them gain access to get an education here at Pacific University. 

This concert will take place October 21at 7:30 pm in Taylor Mead and will showcase Chamber Singers, Concert Choir, and a couple different acapella groups. Tickets will be free for students, staff, and faculty at Pacific University, and $10 for general admission, and $7 for students of other schools, seniors and military. Tuomi says, “We want to give the audience a very entertaining concert and raise money.” There will be opportunities to donate to the cause as well. — Lily Rasmussen


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