Alumna returns as professor

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When walking by the hand-crafted Boxer in the middle of Vandervelden, you never think of who might have made it possible for the Boxer to even be there. Kathryn Faulk, the newest faculty member in the Exercise Science Department made that happen when she attended Pacific for her undergraduate degree.

Faulk was the president of the Pacific Undergraduate Community Council for two years when she attended Pacific. At the time, this was the longest a student had served on the leadership council.

On top of being a part of PUCC, she had a rigorous schedule, since she was an Exercise Science and Philosophy double major. Philip Schot was an adviser that kept her motivated and encouraged her to go to graduate school, then later, she went on to receive her Ph.D. in Kinesiology. Her love for Pacific showed whenever she returned, after graduate school, to Pacific to work as a professor in the exercise science field.

Learning was and still is her passion and having weekends and summers off was something she realized she could definitely get used to, so becoming a professor was truly a profession that fit her needs, but most importantly, fit her personality.

In the classroom, she believes that accountability is a huge factor with students, yet a fun environment is one of many key aspects to learning.

“Students do not always have an intrinsic drive to learn what professors deem necessary,” said Faulk.

Conveying information in a fun way, to make sure that students are getting necessary knowledge across is something Faulk always tries to employ in the classroom. Her love for academics and for Pacific shines, but she does not let that stand in the way of spending time with her two-year-old daughter and sharing quality time with her family.

Not only is soccer another hobby she enjoys, but she also is trying to find the best tasting cheese in Oregon, which has been a challenge to find.


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