Students unite, join fight against cancer

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Vice President of Colleges Against Cancer Kathryn Onley is not an everyday advocate for cancer awareness. Onley’s service to the club comes from the impact this disease has had on her family.
During her senior year of high school, Onley’s mother, whom she considers her best friend, was diagnosed with leukemia.
“I knew, like many others my age, cancer was bad, but it was not until cancer truly affected someone I loved so much that I realized it was time I step up and help make a difference,” said Onley.
With this motivation, Onley joined CAC. She is beginning her second year of service to the club.
The 9th annual event supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. The event consists of a two-mile walk at the Oregon Convention Center on Oct. 27.
In preparation, club members are raising money and making shirts to wear at the event.
Other activities and events CAC will have throughout the year are a football raffle on Oct. 13, Boob Bingo at 5 p.m. in the U.C. on Oct. 21 and Relay for Life in April.
All of the proceeds raised by the club are donated to the American Cancer Society.
“This year we really want to get our name out there,” said club president Claire Ramaley. “One of our main goals is to get the Pacific community involved in raising cancer awareness.”
CAC is a college branch of the American Cancer Society. The club is based around three pillars: advocacy, cancer education and survivorship.
“CAC was the perfect way of becoming involved with other students to help make those around us more aware of how vital it is that we come together and support survivors, researchers and awareness of cancer,” said Onley.
Students can visit the club’s Facebook page, Colleges Against Cancer – Pacific University to learn more.


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