CGE changes pace with men’s group

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The Center for Gender Equity is starting a Men’s Interactive Discussion group, or MID, to cover the growing topic of male gender and how that relates to the world we live in. The first meeting will take place on Friday, April 4, from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. in Carnegie Hall, Room 102. All Pacific University men are welcome to this informal discussion, with free pizza being served to anyone who attends.

Discussions will start with a specific topic that serves as a jumping-off point. The first meeting will focus on “being a male in the 21st century.” However, men who attend are encouraged to bring up any issues, concerns, or life occasions that they feel comfortable talking about, whether they relate to the day’s discussion or not. All information presented will be kept confidential if needed.

“There’s plenty of female environments; women have this opportunity a lot to be in all-female environments,” said Director of the Center for Gender Equity Martha Rampton. “Research shows that the discourse is different. Things can be talked about in a single gender environment that people aren’t comfortable with outside.”

Rampton also mentioned the challenge of putting together a discussion group like this, stating that men are “notorious” for not talking about male issues out loud, or sharing feelings. She also stated that societal pressures may hamper opportunities for men to have the freedom women have to hold group talks such as this.

Philosophy professor Dr. Marc Marenco is the facilitator for these events. Rampton said that the faculty initially agreed with the idea that putting together men’s sessions would be a challenge. However, Marenco’s position as facilitator was encouraged by Rampton, and eased the minds of those who thought this could be difficult.

“They all thought this would be hard, to get guys to do this,” said Rampton. “The last thing I said was that Marc Marenco would be fabulous; he doesn’t have an agenda. He’s one of those guys that listens. It would be about the men in the group rather than about something he’s interested in.”

If you are interested in attending, or want more information, contact Dr. Marc Marenco at, or just drop in whenever the meetings are. Dates are subject to change.


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