Student interest helps initiate added major

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A new major has been announced for those Pacific students interested in tackling issues of crime, justice and social policy.

Starting in Fall 2015, the university is offering the Criminal Justice, Law and Society major.

“For years now, we’ve had students asking about this type of major,” said Director of the School of Social Sciences, Sarah Phillips. “These have included both current and prospective Pacific students.”

Phillips is set to become the major’s first advisor. She spearheaded much of the work necessary to make the major a reality, a project that has taken two years.

In addition to Phillips, Pacific is currently looking at hiring another faculty member for the program. They would begin teaching in the fall at the start of the program.

The major will consist of 46 core credits and 6 additional credits, bringing the total to 52. A Criminal Justice, Law and Society minor will also be offered, consisting of 20 credits.

The program not only will offer a few new classes, but will also bring in classes from departments such as sociology, peace and social justice, philosophy and political science.

“This is a major that will be broader and more interdisciplinary than some others,” said Phillips.

Though the university has faced budget issues in recent years, there has not been much opposition to the arrival of the new major, according to Phillips. She said that the administration recognizes the ways in which this major is attractive to both current and incoming students.

“Pacific students have a desire to help people,” said Phillips. “The new major is one way that students can build skills to do just that.”

Students interested in pursuing the Criminal Justice, Law and Society major should contact Phillips at


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