Parking update: Up to 60 spots added

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While parking has been in issue in the past at Pacific University, the administration is doing everything it can to alleviate some of the pressure on students and faculty to find parking.

The University has added 38 parking spots to the lot in front of Jefferson Hall by revamping the parking lot.

President Lesley Hallick said that they will be charging faculty $180 if they have a reserved spot and she said that reduced some of the faculty parking passes.

“We gave $180 to faculty that turned in their parking pass for a pass that is strictly used for the Cannery Lot,” Hallick said.

She said the school had about the same number of faculty turn in their parking pass as the faculty that bought a reserved spot. So financially, there was no impact.

The university bought property around campus that will eventually turn into parking but Hallick said the project will not be put into motion until the city signs off and there is no time table as of right now.

“We have probably liberated 60 plus spots,” Hallick said. “It should take pressure off of parking and it should help significantly.”

The proposed parking fee for students was supposed to be $60 but Hallick said the University has backed off and made the parking fee a total of $50 for students, from the original $45.

She commented that parking during peak hours, [Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00 a.m. to noon] may still be a problem.

But on the bright side, the added spots and new parking pass regulations for faculty may alleviate some of the pressure.

President Hallick is confident in the changes to parking, but recognizes more can be done in the future.


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