Pacific Lead On campaign inches closer to goal

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The Pacific University Lead On fundraising campaign is in full swing going into this spring semester.

The campaign’s goal of raising $80 million by 2020 seemed to be a lofty goal for the university. However, the last report stated that the campaign has raised $48.8 million of the $80 million goal.

President Lesley Hallick is very pleased with how the campaign has been going so far, and is looking forward to see how close they are able to come to their goal.

“It’s going incredibly well so far,” Hallick said. “We already have had the best fiscal year ever in terms of fund raising, which is really remarkable.”

As stated in the campaign’s goal, Lead On holds certain campaign priorities such as a promise for tomorrow, extraordinary new learning environments and resources, and the continuing investment in a boundless future.

The promise for tomorrow is centered on endowment, which provides funding to the university through investment. It helps in providing financial aid and for developing and growing innovative programming. So far, the campaign has raised $21.2 million for the Pacific Promise.

Lead On’s extraordinary new learning environments and resources priority is primarily funding used to update and create new facilities for students and faculty on the various campuses. This priority has $5.4 million, according to the last report.

Raising the most of the three campaign priorities is the investment in a boundless future. This priority is focused on new programs and new projects offered by the university for future students. Up to this point, the campaign has raised $22.2 million in this priority.

Although $80 million seems like a ways away, Hallick and the others overseeing the Lead On campaign are pleased with the progress of the campaign so far.

“We have very ambitious goals that we want to reach by 2020, so we will have to see how it goes,” Hallick said. “However, we are very encouraged and are excited for the future of the campaign.”


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