Health professions help those in need

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Pacific University’s health professions are not as isolated as one may think.

As most undergraduates know, the Optometry program has a clinic in Jefferson Hall, open to the public. What most students do not know is that many other programs offer exams to students and to the public.

Creighton Hall may blend into the Tuality Hospital setting, but its four stories of colleges has much to offer to students and the community.

Pacific students are guaranteed a certain number of visits to the Student Counseling Center adjacent to the Admissions Office.

The center is staffed by graduate psychology students and faculty, ready to help with the troubles of any Forest Grove student.

The main campus for the Graduate Psychology department, located on Creighton Hall’s third floor, has a clinic with practicing and fully licensed psychologists that offer appointments with a sliding scale payment plan for those that cannot afford expensive therapy.

The Dental program on the second floor also provides exams for low-income community members and students in need. Even without insurance, Pacific’s Dental Office can work to get you the care you need.

Right upstairs, Physical Therapy can assist in caring for patients from the Portland Metro area.

Whether you suffered an accident or simply joint pain, Physical Therapy is ready to assist students, staff and Forest Grove citizens. The clinic is also partially staffed by students, who can be aided by you as much as you can by them.


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