Campus Public Safety team welcomes new officer

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Campus Public Safety (CPS) is a force of officers dedicated to providing the Pacific University community with a sense of security and protection.

While having a present, friendly and readily available force of trained officers adds a sense of safety assurance for many students, there exists a lack of gender diversity among the force that has led to discomfort among some members of the Pacific community.

“It has never made me feel uncomfortable, however I do indeed see how some could be uncomfortable with an all male force,” senior Jasmyne Contant said.

According to CPS manager Jerry Rice, he has become more than aware of the concerns facing this lack of gender diversity.

“That doesn’t mean I can hire just to hire. It’s all based on open positions, who’s qualified, who interviews well, who’s a good fit,” Rice said. It’s not like we haven’t been trying.”

This year, for the first time since 2012, a female officer has been employed and is currently going through training.

Karlein Kiltz was first prompted to look for open positions at the university because both of her children are students at Pacific. This will be her second security related job, the first being held at a school.

As far as being the only woman working for CPS, Kiltz does not see it as a big deal.

“It doesn’t have much to do with gender; it’s about qualifications,” Kiltz said.

Kiltz also acknowledges the importance of having diversity among the CPS force.

“With any group it’s always good to have diversity no matter what you’re doing, you can get a different perspective on things,” Klitz said.

“I do not think this is unusual” said Jerry Rice. “CPS is lucky enough to have someone that’s qualified and doing their job.”

Kiltz is happy to report that she is enjoying working for CPS and with her fellow officers. She reports to having experienced a very welcoming, positive response from students so far.

“I didn’t know that we had hired a female officer but it’s nice to hear,” sophomore Madisen Castro said. “I’d never really thought about it before, but it’s nice to have some representation, especially if it makes some people more comfortable. I hope she likes it here enough to stay.”


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