Freshman attends her first ever lu’au

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For one weekend, Pacific University’s Stoller Center was transformed into a room reminiscent of the islands a large population of its students come from. Large decorations and floral arrangements were set up throughout the gym, and students were instantly transported to Hawaii as soon as they walked through the doors.

For both first time viewers, and lu’au returners, it was a spectacular night rich in Hawaiian culture. This year’s theme was the importance of tradition, and how the traditions of the land are perpetuated by its youth.

Audience members got to view a variety of different dances, from traditional Hawaiian hulas, to Filipino tinikling and fire throwers.

From the first time the horns blew, signaling the start of the event, to the last dance, parents, students and audience members alike were transported to the islands.

Students from all different walks of life participated in the lu’au, which made it all the more entertaining for the students watching because no matter what was happening, they would recognize a friend or a classmate.

“The students did an amazing job showing parts of their culture and tradition that many of us have never seen before,” freshman Bella Portillo said. “It was by far one of the best nights of my freshman year.”

The 2019 lu’au was a night to remember, and is something that every student should experience at least once during their time at Pacific.


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