Les Tournées Film Festival to educate students, begins Oct. 10

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Backpack check: notepad, pens and… popcorn? Students may want to start packing a couple extra snacks in their bags in preparation for learning via the silver screen.

Throughout the next couple of months, Pacific University’s French department will be holding Les Tournées Film Festival open to both Boxer students and the general public. Admission is free and each film is accompanied by a lecture from a Pacific professor.

Despite the fact that the French department is hosting the festival, not all films are in French. The films shown may be intense or mature in nature, but French advisor Jeanne-Sarah de Laquier explains that these films “might be the first time” someone in the community is exposed to these topics, expanding their cultural knowledge. 

Because of this, Laquier encourages students to participate in the discussions being held in conjunction with the film. The discussions, led by a variety of different professors in vastly different disciplines, will offer a multitude of insights and opinions on the films being shown. With the films having such variety, there’s no doubt there will be something for everyone. For instance, Laquier is the most excited to view the movie “Tazzeka,” a dramatic comedy about a Moroccan man who aspires to be a famous chef.

She believes the film will not only be funny, but offer some insight into the lives of people facing immigration issues. The film examines the life of a man with a dream who immigrated to a new country. 

The festival begins Thursday, Oct. 10 and will conclude on Nov. 12, showing a total of six films, one showing each week. All but one of those films will be held in the Forest Theatre, just a short walk down the street from campus. The other, Laquier’s most anticipated “Tazzeka”, will be shown in the Taylor Auditorium during the Around the World festival on Oct. 25. 

Les Tournées Film Festival will be worth the attendance, according to organizers, as the large variety of films, discussions and opinions of such are bound to expand both the minds and film knowledge of those in the audience.

  • Th. 10/10  @ Forest Theater: Les Garçons Sauvages 

Screening at 6 p.m. with film discussion led by Prof. Aaron Greer.

  • Wed. 10/16  @ Forest Theater: Une Jeunesse Allemande     

Screening at 6 p.m. with film discussion led by Prof. Lorely French.

  • Fr. 10/25  in Taylor Auditorium: Tazzeka

Screening at 7:30 p.m. with film discussion led by Prof. Marcus Welsh.

  • Wed. 10/30  @ Forest Theater: Le Concours

Screening at 6 p.m. with discussion led by Prof. Jennifer Hardacker.

  • Th. 11/7 @ Forest Theater: I’m Not Your Negro                             

Screening at 6 p.m. with pre-screening discussion led by Prof. Prof. Lisa Szefel.

  • Tu.  11/12  @ Forest Theater: L’héritage de la Chouette

Screening at 6:30 p.m. with film discussion led by Prof. Ian O’Loughlin.


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