Philosophy Conference presents unique discussions, opportunity

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The biggest philosophy conference in the area — the Northwest Philosophy Conference — is being held this year at Pacific University. The dates for this conference span an entire weekend, that of Oct. 25-26. Speakers will be presenting all day in Marsh Hall and anyone is welcome to attend free of admission.

This year will be the 71st installment of the Northwest Philosophy Conference, and it’s a big one. Philosophers from around the world will be convening to discuss an array of diverse topics. Some of the places these scholars are from include Russia, Nigeria, Canada and China. When asked how many philosophers will be in attendance, professor Benjamin Hole, of the philosophy department here at Pacific said: “There will be over a hundred philosophers in attendance but not speaking, they’re just there to be a part of the conversation. There will be around 75 papers actually being presented.”

This year’s keynote speaker will be Alison Jaggar, a forerunner in subject of feminism as a philosophy discipline. “She’s sort of the big feminist for all undergraduate philosophy courses,” says Hole. 

Jaggar is a professor in the department of philosophy as well as the department of women & gender studies at the University of Colorado, Boulder. This year she will be giving a presentation titled “Decolonizing Anglo-American Political Philosophy: The Case of Migration Justice.”

However, there’ll be a large array of perspectives and discussion to be had at this year’s conference beyond Jaggar’s, including: anti-natalism, animal ethics, indigenous philosophies of conservation and digital pedophilia. And if it doesn’t sound enticing quite yet, the unique conference will also feature presentations on Kant and the use of magic mushrooms to induce mystical experiences, poetry in Doaist texts and questioning humans understanding of our their free will. 

To keep things all the more interesting, this conference won’t just revolve around a presentation of papers as each scheduled presentation will also include time for other philosophers and scholars alike to respond to what they’ve heard and start an intriguing dialogue.

There’s far more planned for this conference than could possibly fit within one story, so those interested can visit the philosophy department’s section of the university website for a full list of presentations.


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