Bon Appetit Changes Dining Service To Maintain Social Distance

COVID-19 has proven difficult for everyone, but despite the pandemic, Bon Appetit is keeping it’s employees safe and is continuing to serve quality food. The dining service has implemented several safety measures such as socially distanced waiting lines and tables, an easy access express line, and only serving food in to-go boxes. Many of these measures are important for the safety of both the students and the staff. 

“I think this is the best way for people to get their food, before [COVID-19] it was self-serve,” said Corey Tobin in response to being asked how he feels about the process of buying food in the U.C. Tobin was also impressed with the idea of the express lane and said that although the process of getting food is slower this year, the food stayed the same. 

Bon Appetit has done it’s best to serve the students of Pacific, but there are still some adjustments yet to be made. Allison Wills, a freshman at Pacific said, “I like their breakfast, I think the regular stuff they have like the eggs and the bacon is pretty good, but I’m not a big fan of their biscuits and gravy.” She would also like to taste more seasoning such as salt and pepper on certain dishes such as the eggs.?  

Undoubtedly there will always be critics because not everyone shares the same opinions, but some like to be more vocal about their thoughts. A few students have even gone as far as to create an Instagram account called @dininghallreviewspacu to give their opinion on the dishes served in the cafeteria each day. This account is not without its bias. Only people with grievances would likely post anything about the food since they are the ones who theoretically want change.

Overall students seem happy with the food and the fact that they have the ability to eat from the cafeteria in the first place. Bon Appetit has done a great job keeping up with demand despite the shortage of some supplies due to the pandemic. Given all of the circumstances, from COVID-19, to the raging forest fires on the west coast, it is nice to know we can still count on getting healthy meals every day. — Marissa Liao

Photo: Bon Appetit delivers to-go meal to Pacific student (Spencer Hills)


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