Pacific Hosts Free E-Course on Privilege, Race and Power

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Pacific University is offering a free e-course that covers relevant topics such as social justice, race and privilege for students. The course is offered by the organization SpeakOut, which works with universities to encourage students to think critically about domestic and international issues, according to their mission statement. 

Free registration for this course is available for 225 Pacific students who may be interested. Once you are signed up, you have full access to the e-course for a year. As of October 26, 110 undergraduate students and graduate/professional students, as well as 24 staff/faculty members have enrolled, according to Rosie Fiallo, assistant director of communications. 

The e-course came to student activities director Steve Klein’s attention over the summer. It was initially a three day series offered to faculty members, and the reviews turned out to be positive, so Klein started looking into ways to bring the e-course to students. 

“I put out $500 from the student senate fund to lay a foundation for the students to tap into,” said Klein. “Then, over 12 other departments jumped in and we had raised about $2,700. We have lots of work to do, and I think everyone is up for it.” 

The SpeakOut e-course is intended to help students actively be anti-racist, and implement equitable education and social change. 

Undergraduate Student Senate president Doan Pham also helped bring the course to Pacific and make it available to students. 

“We want to support our students as much as we can,” said Pham. “I’ve learned that faculty and staff members here at Pacific really have the passion to make a difference.”  There are still over 100 slots open for interested students, and if you have trouble, you can contact Jennifer Teeter, Executive Assistant & Programs Manager. — Ella Cutter

Photo: SpeakOut is offering a course through Pacific University to help students become anti-racist and evaluate your position and identity in these trying times. (Rosie Fiallo)


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