Drunk Driver Crashes Near Pacific Dorm Hall Sunday Night

EDITOR’S NOTE: A quote from Captain Hall with the Forest Grove Police Department was added to this story on Monday, March 22.

Student Kouichi Saito was walking across the street coming from the University Center on Sunday night when he heard a car rev up at the intersection at University and Sunset Drive. The car took the corner too fast, jumped over the curb, then was stopped by a tree before hitting Clark Resident Hall. Saito immediately ran over to the car and called CPS to inform them of the crash. Once Saito walked up to the car, Saito suddenly realized the driver was drunk. 

“Once I walked up to the car, he was still revving up in reverse. I tapped on the window and he was messing with everything that was not the car on and off button. Like he was touching the dash, the windshield wipers, the gear shift and everything,” Saito said. “I was like, hey, no, it’s the circle one, and I pointed him towards it and he finally turned the car off and that is when CPS showed up.” 

According to Captain Hall from the Forest Grove Police Department, the man who was involved in the crash was 51-years-old and was actively being looked for by police at the time of the crash. Right before the incident, a DUI had been called in north of Forest Grove. The man has been charged with driving under the influence and reckless driving.

Other students investigated the scene of the crash after hearing loud noises outside of their residence halls late that night. 

“I was sitting in bed and all of a sudden I hear tires screeching and a big boom,” said Katy Wyatt, who lives in Burlingham Hall. “I got my roommate and went outside and the car was in between two trees.” 

According to Campus Public Safety Supervisor Stephen Shores, the vehicle narrowly missed the building and simply swerved into the grass between University Avenue and Clark Hall.

“The vehicle ran the stop sign on Sunset and University Avenue,” said Shores, “and they ended up in the landscape just on the North side of Clark Hall. Campus Public Safety, Forest Grove Police, and Forest Grove Fire and Rescue responded.”

Shores also confirmed that there was no damage to the building itself and no injuries occurred, “But it took out a few Rhododendrons,” added Shores. — Emily Rutkowski, Ella Cutter & Isabelle Williams

Photo: Skid marks and landscape damage that the car left behind between Clark Hall and University Avenue (Isabelle Williams)


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