Valentine’s doesn’t define relationships

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Welcome to the days filled with the after-effects of post-Valentine’s day. As we wind down to the final hours of love expression as overly-sweet as the currently on-sale chocolates and the Cupid imposters hang up their synthetic wings and oversized diapers with nostalgia, we can enter the next week with the idea: “it was a good day.”

But what about those not in a relationship? Clearly, the day is made to mainly serve those who actively practice monogamy, even if it’s just for that day, while almost purposely trying to make the population of single people groan with depression because they don’t get the satisfaction of wiping lipstick stains off their cheeks at the end of the day.

I think we can put that blame to the common theme of slogans during Valentine’s Day. Everywhere we go, we soon get slapped in the face by every “Be Mine” and “I Love You” and “My Sweetheart” written on any possible surface. Why don’t we ever see things like “To My Best Friend” or “To My ‘Game of Thrones’ Show Buddy” or “To My Lab Partner: Thank You for Helping Me Dissect that Cat.” Who says that we can’t spend that day basking in the platonic love as well as the romantic? If sharing the weight of a scalpel together isn’t love, I don’t know what love is.

Of course, those who do have someone that they can confidently refer to as a Valentine, should just be basking in this air of affection, right? Not necessarily. There’s another emotion that causes the pulse to increase to dangerously high rates: stress.

It seems as though this day where you’re supposed to be surrounded by pink decorations and heart-shaped confections also has a side-effect of acute anxiety.

People are feeling obligated to find the perfect gift, perfect restaurant or perfect form of explosion in the sky so that your significant other doesn’t look at you with bitter side glances for the rest of the month. Yes, nothing says “I love you” like hyperventilating over your plate of salmon.

Here’s some advice: just remember, it only lasts for one day. Not only should you not compromise your health over it, you shouldn’t use this as an excuse to be romantic for one day.

Most likely, if you’re the exact opposite for the other three hundred sixty-four days out of the year, it’s most likely you’re not going to have that same person for your Valentine next year.

What knowledge can we have for next Valentine’s Day? The fact that it is no different than any other day to show off your affection to that special person. Seize the day, enjoy it for all it’s worth if you can, but don’t forget: the 14th day occurs in the other eleven monthS of the year.

There are other opportunities to show your love without giving it pre-printed on a red, heart-shaped box.


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