Student calls for aid with change

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I recently have been hearing many complaints about our University. I love this school with all of my heart.

I’m a student tour guide and admissions office work study. I consider it a point of pride that when I’m selling the university to prospective students, I can speak from the heart and honestly tell potentials all of the things that make me confident that this University is the right choice for them and their families.

I have never knowingly lied to any prospective student or their family but there are times when asked my opinion about something that I struggle to stay positive.

What I ask from each and every one of you, whether you be a Pacific University undergraduate, graduate, staff, faculty, or community member, is for you to please email me at, describing a specific issue or issues that need to be addressed and what an optimal change would be.

Everyone who contributes will be kept anonymous and our correspondence will be deleted once I record your input in a second, nameless document. You can also message me on Facebook.

I have sought the help of trusted staff and faculty members who’s names will be held in strict confidence, to turn your input into a concise list of specific issues that will then be compiled into an official statement of complaint.

I am calling for action to either fully explain, or to change the situation to our satisfaction. I will be calling on the student senate to represent us in this discussion as they have the most legitimate authority to speak for us and experience in working with the administration toward solutions and real change to the issues we will be discussing.

We are making ourselves heard and we will be demanding action, not a statement of understanding, but swift and comprehensive measures if not at least a commitment of specific change.

Once this statement has been written, I will be tabling around campus until I get 1,000 students to sign the petition as well as as many staff, faculty and community members as possible.

Come with me, let’s make ourselves heard. Let’s make a change.


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