Mascot acts as school pride and spirit

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“Go Boxers!” The phrase is so commonplace here at Pacific University a student could throw it in the middle of a sentence and no one would even bat an eye. But for people outside of the Pacific community, Boxer is not something they expect to hear.

Before attending Pacific, I did not know what the mascot was supposed to be. And then, after hearing the explanation it seemed even weirder.

So, why does Pacific still call Boxer its mascot? Most mascots have been around for decades, maybe even centuries, but Badger, Pacific’s old mascot, is not as far behind us as some people would think. Benny the Badger was the university’s official mascot until students changed it to Boxer in 1968. But some students have wondered if Pacific should change the mascot again.

I like the uniqueness of Boxer. While most schools have lions, tigers and bears, oh my, Boxer is one of a kind. He represents how Pacific and its students stand out in a crowd.

Pacific makes waves, urges change and ushers in the future. By changing Boxer, we would be changing the university’s culture. Pacific would be conforming to the world outside, instead of being the bold and unique institution it is. And the last thing society needs right now is more conformity.

If we change so easily in the face of adversity, how can we hope to make the changes we need to see in the world around us?

Of course it may seem like a stretch to say that changing our mascot to something more usual means that we represent conformity, but in its essence it really is the same. I know that is not what Pacific is about. As a transfer student, I have had first hand experience with other schools, and I know just how different Pacific is from the rest of the crowd. Our students prioritize success and they are all more than capable of achieving it.

So whether or not you like Boxer as a mascot, stop and think about what he represents to the world around us and what message it sends to the world. I know the majority of students here will agree with me when I say the message Boxer is better than any common mascot could ever hope to send.


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