Election welcomes new candidate to the forefront

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The 2020 Presidential Election cycle has just begun, and already the competition is heating up. With President Donald Trump being as controversial as he has, it is no surprise that many Democrats have already come forward saying they plan on running. Some big names include Cory Booker and Kamala Harris, who both have been very open about their dislike for Trump. Other names who people hope or suspect might run include Michelle Obama and Joe Biden. But no matter who runs, there are a lot of big questions that surround who will be the nominee from the democratic party, and who may be able to succeed against Trump.

As always, the glass ceiling is a major obstacle for any female candidates. It seems very unlikely a woman will be able to win the presidency any time soon, as not even someone with the political resume of Hillary Clinton was unable to defeat Trump. However, no one ever really thought a black candidate would be successful until Barack Obama was elected back in 2008. So it remains possible that the country could see its first female president in 2020.

Though I only see one woman being able to beat out everyone else for the nomination and be able to beat Trump, and she has said time and time again that she will not run. That being former First Lady Michelle Obama.

Michelle Obama gained a tremendous amount of support both during and after her husband’s time in the presidency. However, she has had to push back against the thousands of people begging her to run in 2020. If she will not run, then do any of the other women stand a chance?

The problem many women who have considered running have is that many people already have a large dislike for them. This is arguably what cost Clinton her election campaign in 2016. Women like Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have been prominent in recent politics, with many people taking a dislike to them. Now, whether it is their politics or simply the fact that they are outspoken women that has caused this, it could still pose a very large problem for their election bid.

The only question that really matters is who will be able to defeat Trump in his quest for reelection. No matter your opinion on the current president, if the candidate does not stand a chance against them, they do not really matter. And there are only about four individuals I think will be to win in 2020.

Like I said earlier, Michelle Obama, but also former Vice President Joe Biden, Senator Bernie Sanders, and possibly Senator Elizabeth Warren. But as always, the most important aspect of anything related to election season is the reminder to vote. Everyone’s voice matters and it is important to be heard.


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