Oregon’s Confusing Vaccine Distribution: Underlying Conditions and Frontline Workers Last

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Although Oregon isn’t in last place amongst other states in terms of dolling out Covid vaccines, the distribution process has been confusing. First responders were able to get the vaccine right off the bat, which makes sense since they’re exposed to Covid more and are faced with life-threatening situations. Then Oregon decided to vaccinate teachers, even though kids are still susceptible to Covid and aren’t eligible for any of the current vaccines.

I’m all for vaccinating teachers, but even with vaccinating teachers, schools are just getting back to in-person classes with only a month or two left for the year. Kids are having a hard time switching from online classes to in-person interactions and are possibly being exposed to Covid for what? Two months of in-person school before summer? Schools frankly should’ve continued to be online for the rest of the semester, as we’re at a crucial time in making sure that Covid cases don’t rise. Waiting another couple of months would give more of an opportunity for children to get vaccinated, as the vaccines are being tested for younger ages, and would make it safer for kids with underlying conditions.

Something that I still can’t wrap my head around is the fact that frontline workers and people with underlying conditions were in the last two groups to be vaccinated in Oregon before opening it up to the general public. Frontline workers are the people who aren’t able to work from home and who are the most exposed to people on a day-to-day basis. People with underlying conditions are most at risk for dying or having long-term effects after getting Covid.  

As someone with an underlying condition where contracting Covid could lead to me dying, I’ve been waiting patiently for a vaccine, hoping and praying that my turn would come soon so I can return to school and see people again. I’ve felt the frustration of online schooling and of being at a disadvantage when it comes to learning. I’ve felt the frustration of being one of the only people Zooming in from home while everyone else is in person. I’ve felt the frustration of continuing to wait and people telling me ‘soon’ but never giving me an exact date. And yet, I am still so incredibly lucky to have gotten my first vaccine dose a couple of weeks ago, when many other states and countries are struggling.

Though I am confused about the distribution, I’m thankful that the process has been sped up and that so many people are now eligible for the vaccine. We are so close to being able to return to a somewhat normal state; we just have to hold out and keep practicing social distancing, masking up, and avoid travel for a little bit longer. –Grace Alexandria

Photo: Covid-19 Vaccine Stock (Photo courtesy of Hakan Nural on Unsplash).


  1. Sharron leeds

    The vaccination process has been at best terrible-very disorganized – open the vaccinations like flu vaccine and her everyone vaccinated so life can return to semi normal. The registration to get the vaccine has been very confusing and hard to do!!!!!!!

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