Why You Should Go to Tutoring

Tutoring is an incredibly useful resource for all students to utilize in order to bring their academic work to the next level. Whether a student is struggling in a class, simply looking for someone to brainstorm ideas with, or wants extra practice with course concepts and exercises, the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS) is available for all Pacific students. All the tutors are fellow Pacific students who are well trained and want to support you and your success.

Many students feel a sense of hesitancy about reaching out to a tutor, but asking for and getting help is a crucial life skill and just part of being human – we all need help sometimes. Since the tutors are fellow students, they empathize with and have experienced many of the same hesitancies you may be feeling. The tutors themselves seek help from other tutors frequently, so there’s no judgment. Many of them became tutors as a result of utilizing tutoring in the past. 

Tutoring appointments are typically scheduled for an hour, but if you do not end up needing the full time, you can always end early. There is also the opportunity for you to come and see a tutor without an appointment. As long as they are not already booked, they are ready and look forward to helping you. Friends are welcome to join you to work with the tutor or simply be there for moral support. 

Additionally, tutoring sessions can be moved to one of the private study rooms in the library if that helps you focus or feel more comfortable. Many tutors offer both in-person & online appointments to fit your availability. The subjects they can assist with include: accounting, economics, mathematics and statistics, all world languages, biology, chemistry, physics, music, and writing in all disciplines. 

If you are curious about CLASS, stop by the second floor of the Tran Library and chat with any of the tutors, they are happy to answer any questions and assist in any way that they can. — Majestik De Luz and Karl Ficken


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