Abstraction: It’s all a matter of perspective

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Maturity is a complex, contestable status that isn’t ever easily defined. Most people in our contemporary, American culture would agree, though, that being able to be successful, both socially and academically in college requires some sort of maturity that is … Continued

Women’s soccer team goes pink for boobs

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The women’s soccer team showed their support for National Breast Cancer Awareness month last Wednesday at their home game against George Fox. The team captains Allysa Omana, Teri Shegino and Kaitlyn Harper came up with the idea of getting involved … Continued

Capital Campaign still in silent phase

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With the listening tour complete and a year of Pacific presidency under her belt, Dr. Lesley Hallick is ready to focus her attentions on the Capital Campaign. The campaign is a process to support fundraising for the university and financing … Continued