Women’s soccer heats up season

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With a team full of talent and undeniable chemistry, it’s no wonder Pacific’s Women’s Soccer Team started their season hot.

These Boxer women opened their season with a tie against Hamline University. Voracious for a win, the women’s soccer team took home their first victory from the Howard Payne Yellow Jackets, with a hard fought, and well-earned, 1-0 win.

Freshman Kara Lankey scored the golden goal during the second overtime.

“It was definitely one of my most memorable moments this season so far because it was my first goal as a Boxer,” said Lankey. “It was fun having my teammates surrounding me sharing my happiness with me and just being able to make my coaches proud was exciting as well.”

The winning streak would soon come to a halt by conference rival, Linfield College.

The Boxers struck early with an impressive goal by Lankey in the 12th minute. While the game started off in favor of the Boxers, the Wildcats took the lead in the 47th minute, which gave them the win.

“Each and every game we work harder than before,” said senior Kayla Davidson. “We just need to work on coming out strong and keeping that same momentum for the full 90 minutes.”

After having started their season performing to the best of their ability, the team hit a rough patch.

“Everyone has their off days,” said sophomore Kendall Stratton. “But having started off so strong, I don’t see how we can’t make a comeback. It’s not that we can’t do it, our team is full of talent, it’s just a matter of just doing it.”

Setting an example when things don’t go their way is something this team takes pride in.

“Of course we get upset after a game if it’s a loss. The great thing about our team is that we know how to move on from [losses] and come out even stronger the next time,”said Lankey.

“Being able to overcome obstacles is one of our strengths” said Davidson. “We never dwell, we come back fighting and prepare for the next game immediately.”

Talent is an obvious trait the team holds. “The defensive line is really set,” said junior Kamryn Plechot. “Backline has been doing awesome too,” said Plechot, “but overall you can’t pin-point individuals, because it’s a team and we all play an important role together.”

Optimism isn’t lacking amongst this team either. These Boxer women have faced some heart-breaking moments early on in the season.

“They’ve never failed to bounce back and continue to work and improve,” said head coach Morgan Joseph. “The thing that impresses me most about our squad is their relentless work rate and determination.”

A team that consists of more young athletes than upperclassmen would normally be viewed as a disadvantage, yet on this team, it plays a critical role in their success.

“We knew that this season would have its share of growing pains, as we only have eight upper-class women on the 27-women squad,” said Joseph. “This group has performed beyond its level of experience and exceeded all of our expectations.”

Plechot says the chemistry is incredible and the team that consists of all ages works really well together.

“While there’s an age gap, there isn’t” said Lankey. “Being a freshmen on this team was easy with such supportive upperclassmen. We get along really well, just playing the sport we love.”

Senior Kayla Davidson described the team as a sisterhood.

“Even when a sister is injured she’s not forgotten,” said Davidson. “She’s still just as much a part of this team as any other.”

“It’s a privilege being on this team,” said Stratton. “It’s one big family and there’s never a dull moment.”

Women’s soccer has high hopes as the seavvson comes down to its final games. “The ultimate goal is to acquire a conference title,” said Plechot.

“Every day is a challenge,” said Davidson. “We take on one game at a time.”

Coach Joseph says they have put themselves in a position to battle for a top three finish in conference.

“This team wants to win, and has shown that they are willing to do whatever it takes to out-perform their opponent,” said Joseph. “As a coach, I could not be more proud to be a part of such a quality group of young women.”


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