Ivkovic dominates early as team progresses

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Coming off of the most successful season in Pacific volleyball history and being ranked number 22 in the country for the middle blocker position, junior Mila Ivkovic has made herself worthy of the Boxer of the Month award at Pacific University. Ivkovic dedicates her breakthrough performance to her teammates.
“Volleyball is the ultimate team sport and I owe it to my serve, receive and defense to provide results,” Ivkovic said.
Throughout September and the first half of conference play, Ivkovic guided the Boxers to a 4-2 record. During this stretch, she had a combined total of 68 kills and season high of 22 kills against Pacific Lutheran University.
After having such a successful 2017 season, Ivkovic said the motivation to get better comes from wanting to be known as a threat in the conference and on the national stage.
“Pacific Lutheran is ranked in the top ten so they usually get all the press in our conference,” Ivkovic said.
She spent much of the offseason working on conditioning and limiting her errors on the court through workouts and even playing sand volleyball.
Now halfway through her third year at Pacific, it seems she is fulfilling her goals by becoming feared across the Northwest Conference.
With all but one starter returning from the 2017 season, the Boxer offense as a whole has never looked more fluid, with Ivkovic right in the mix.
“We have been playing together for a while now, making it easy to have success on the court,” Ivkovic said.
The Boxers have defeated several opponents in the conference, except for consistent top teams like Pacific Lutheran University and Whitworth University.
Ivkovic believes the only thing that separates Pacific from these two opponents is their discipline and how mentally tough they are.
As the Boxers come to a halfway point in conference play, when asked about the goal of the team, Ivkovic said without hesitation and full of confidence it is to win the conference.
Through making changes on the court and becoming a more cohesive group there is no reason why Ivkovic and the Boxers cannot achieve this goal and have success.


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