Early start helps Boxer athletes bond with Pacific

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As the football team stepped foot on Pacific University’s campus for the first week of classes, the place felt familiar, even for transfers and freshmen. The football team arrives at campus two weeks before classes start, making them some of the only people on university grounds.

While players come to learn the playbook, practice with their team and get into football shape, they also create bonds with one another to help them on and off the field.

With only football to worry about, the players spend a lot of time with each other. Whether rooming together or not, it’s almost impossible for players not to become close to one another.

“We eat, practice, and hangout every day of the week, we have no choice but to grow with each other,” said one of the players.

While football brings them together, players find other commonalities bring them even closer. Freshmen become comfortable not only with the football field but also the university itself. Coming early allows them to see the school, all of its buildings and eat in the dining hall before anyone else.

Multiple players believe coming early relaxed them because they could see where their classes were as well as different hours for places like the dining hall, gym, and other surrounding Forest Grove restaurants.

The underestimated part of coming back to campus early is figuring out how to live in a dorm. This includes where the showers are, what is allowed within the dorms and especially how to do their own laundry.

For many of the incoming freshmen, it is their first time living on their own. Football grants them the opportunity to come back before other students to not only learn life on campus, but create relationships that will carry on through their time at Pacific, past football


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