Pacific’s ultimate Frisbee club hopes to continue growth

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Over the course of just a few years, Pacific University’s ultimate Frisbee club has grown from a small group of friends searching for members, to a growing team improving every day.

“I remember my freshman year we had maybe, at most, 10 people showing up to practices,” Eve Greenlow, club vice president says. “Now we get as many as 25 people coming out each time.”

In years prior the club spent more time on scrimmages, rather than learning the fundamentals of ultimate. Now, the club — under new leadership — looks to improve their members’ skills through drills instead of just game play. Another large transition was the club practicing twice a week instead of one.

“In practice we will work on drills, whether it be throwing, cutting, offensive plays, or defense and have mini game scenarios where we focus on applying the skills we have worked on,” says club president Erin Dahl.

Greenlow points to Dahl’s leadership being the catalyst to pushing the club toward major improvement. Through these drills the team has become closer as a unit, leading to success on the field, according to Greenlow.

“As a leader, I strive to make a positive impact on the club,” Dahl said. “My goal is to build a Frisbee community and team that’s dedicated to working hard and learning.”

The club puts their skills to the test by participating in a variety of tournaments throughout the fall semester.

“We can expect to play in three to four tournaments while the second semester consists of more scrimmages and friendly games against other universities in the area,” says Dahl.

These tournaments usually take place at bigger universities such as University of Oregon and Oregon State University.

With that being said, the executive members hope to gain members throughout the year with the hopes of attending more tournaments.Greenlow wants to emphasize that all members do not need to participate in tournaments.

“We have some people that are practice players only, and some choose to go to tournaments — people get to decide what is best for them,” said Greenlow. The addition of new members has surely made ultimate frisbee an improved club, but executive members say they have no plans in slowing down and welcome all new members at any level.

“The ultimate frisbee club is such a fun experience,” Greenlow says. “It’s a great way to make friends and stay active while being in a chill environment.”


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