Rowing team able to grow, rebuild in time for spring

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Pacific University’s Women’s Rowing team does not begin competing until March, but they’ve been working hard to rebuild as a team during the off season after losing their head coach just two years ago.

“Having to rebuild a team suddenly with a new coach two years ago, we’ve come pretty far,” sophomore Lily Mcilvenna said. 

Rowing barely started out with enough members to compete, but this year the pre-season has brought in a comfortable number of new competitors to the team. They’ve also had a few novices join the team, bringing fresh recognition to the team. 

“We have a really good team and all the new people, including myself, are very strong and pick up on things very easy,” sophomore Kaitlynn Bumanlag echoed.

Although rowing has gained members, they’re still struggling in finding more people that are going to be committed enough to participate. With the members they do have, the Boxers already have difficulty finding the right time for enough players available to practice on the water. When there’s not enough members available to go onto the water, the team sticks to the weight room in preparation.

“It’s a very time-heavy and commitment-heavy sport, and lots of people don’t have the time to put in while being students,” Mcilvenna said.

The biggest accomplishment for rowing right now is the fact that they’ve gained enough members to feel confident and stronger as a whole, as well as hopefully being able to feel more accomplished when racing this spring. 

“I am looking forward to our spring season, watching how we grow as a team, and seeing my own personal growth as a rower,” Mcilveena said. 

The women’s rowing team’s first race will be held in March at Blue Heron Redwood Springs Regatta in Humboldt, California.


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