Pacific Basketball uses Fall Season to Adapt and Push Forward

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With the postponement of sports brought about due to COVID-19, Pacific Men’s Basketball Head Coach Justin Lunt and the Boxers begin practices for their upcoming season starting in January. 

Pacific Head Men’s Basketball Coach, Justin Lunt, expresses his concern for the circumstances for his team and how it will be different not only for this year, but the years to come. Coach Lunt explains how people can see this pandemic two different ways.

“A pessimistic, negative way where you only seek what you can’t do. Or a more positive, and productive way in the sense that you take in the situation at hand and ask yourself how to make yourself better and how you can overcome these obstacles.” He added, “We have preached to our players, since the pandemic shut down school in March, two words; be adaptable and be positive.” By having that mindset, it would benefit everyone on the team, coaching staff included, and give the team the right mindset and be ready for when their time comes to perform. He also states that this mindset doesn’t just revolve around the basketball court, but also outside of campus and around school. Lunt says, “Bringing positivity amongst the students at Pacific gives them a sense of hope that Pacific will persevere from these drastic changes.”

Coach Lunt also expresses his excitement for the reboot of the program and the start of practices. He says, “I am excited to see the team go at it again, and get better everyday while still following COVID safety guidelines.” Junior Guard Jared Cattell explains how the differences in the practices have taken some getting used to. He explains how, “This year’s practices have been intense yet lots of fun. The coaches have used this time to help get our aerobic training ability back with plyometrics.” Part of the safety protocols include that for the first 3 practices, sports teams are not allowed to use any sports related equipment.
Senior Forward, Cam Jones, explains the progression from the start and states that practices consist a lot of adjusting and the emphasis towards helping the new guys. He says that, “No basketball or contact in the first week. But we will continue to get better day by day and follow Coach Lunt’s ‘DMGB’, Doesn’t matter Get Better.”

Both the coaches and the players have goals they set for the team’s success. Coach Lunt states that with the players and personnel, his goals consist of making a run come postseason. He is confident in what his players are capable of doing. Cattell wants to win games but do it in a, “Safe, uplifting, and positive environment; built on the principles of hard work and honesty.” Jones wants to be a leader on the court and emphasizes that he would like the team to, “Keep each other accountable everyday and buying in is the most important component for our success this season.” — Todd Takeuchi


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