Pacific Athletics: One More Year

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The pandemic impacted everyone’s lives around the world and the majority of people had to make sacrifices, especially athletes. Sports are such a contact heavy activity that COVID-19 postponed many student-athletes seasons. This left student athletes around the world in a confusing situation because of their limited eligibility. For student athletes at Pacific University, they were granted one extra year.

In October 2020, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) granted college students from all three divisions participating in their sports for one extra year of eligibility. This means that while typically college students have five years to play their four years of eligibility in their designated sport, because of COVID-19 students will now have six years to play their four years of their sport. Since Pacific University sports are under the NCAA, students automatically qualify for this extra year of eligibility. Find out more here.

Savannah Grosse, an exercise science major senior at Pacific University and on the school’s women’s soccer team, is one athlete that is taking advantage of this opportunity. Grosse will be attending the physical therapy program in Pacific’s graduation program next fall.

“I really enjoyed my time playing here at Pacific. I think Pacific is unique because this program gives me a little more flexibility,” said Grosse when asked why she decided to take advantage of this opportunity. Fall 2021 will be her last year to play collegiate soccer.

Pacific University is also granting students a free semester of tuition for students. 

“Pacific’s tuition-free semester is intended to allow undergraduate students the opportunity to take advantage of some campus experiences that had to be limited during the COVID-19 pandemic,” states the webpage where students can apply for this tuition-free semester and see if they are eligible.

“I thought it was really generous of Pacific to offer the free tuition semester,” said Grosse, “I definitely think that was the right thing to do.” — Ashley Meza


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