New Style of Play for Boxer Women’s Basketball

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This season will look a little different for the Pacific Boxer Women’s Basketball team with a high-speed offense and an undersized defense. In the past seasons, the Boxers had no problem getting rebounds and defending inside the perimeter with their forwards and centers. This season the Boxers lost several players they depended on for that kind of defending and adopted a new style of play: small ball play style. Since the conference opponents are returning with bigger centers and forwards, Pacific could be in trouble with a smaller lineup this year but are confident in their new strategy.

“When you are playing a smaller line-up you have to be very disciplined on the boards,” said Alecia Parker, head coach of the Pacific Women’s Basketball team. “In the past, we’ve had taller players that could grab those rebounds for us.”

With a smaller lineup, the pace of the game will speed up significantly, having smaller players means more opportunities for quicker transitions. 

“We like it because we get to run faster and it will be a big focus for us this year,” said Coach Parker.

Camy Aguinaldo, a returning senior guard, will be a big contributor to this “small ball play style” with her quick passes in transition and her ability to score points. Aguinaldo averaged 14.5 points per game in the 2019-2020 season. 

“I’m really excited for Camy returning, she’s our only senior so it’s fun for her to put the pieces together and have her best season yet,” said Parker. 

The Boxers made it to the Northwest Conference playoffs in the 2019-2020 season but fell short in the first round against George Fox. The playoff appearance was the first one since 2009 and the momentum towards a championship has not stopped since. 

“Our number one goal is to return to the Northwest Conference tournament and win a championship,” said Aguinaldo.

As the basketball team transitions to a smaller lineup, they look to make it clear that they will not be overlooked this season. 

“I think we are underestimated by our opponents but everyone will be good and we will compete at a high level of basketball,” said Aguinaldo.

The Boxers have come flying out the gate this season with a 3-0 record, with the new style of play seeming to be paying off. The team looks to continue their success for the rest of the year as conference play begins on December 3rd at George Fox University. — Rustin Williams


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