Hoppin’ into a New Stadium

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The Hillsboro Hops stadium is being updated to more than just a baseball venue

Hillsboro, Oregon is the home of the Hillsboro Hops, a minor-league baseball team affiliated with the Arizona Diamondbacks—and the home of the Hops has been Ron Tonkin Field located at the Gordon Faber Recreation Complex, visible off Hwy 26. But recently, the Hops announced plans for a new $120 million stadium, not far from Tonkin Field; in fact, just across the parking lot.

   Ron Tonkin field will remain owned by the city of Hillsboro, but the new stadium will replace three of the current softball and baseball fields surrounding the stadium—and even though the 10-year-old stadium is holding up quite well, with the MLB facility standards, the minor league team must upgrade its facilities.

   “The new ballpark is going to be incredible,” shared K.L. Wombacher, The President and General Manager of The Hops. “The biggest difference will be designing it for year-round entertainment. Having spaces that can be programmed for various types of events will give people more reasons to experience the venue other than just baseball.”

   Construction on the new stadium, which can accommodate up to 6,000 baseball fans, is expected to begin at the end of this summer and be finished in time for the start of The Hops minor league season in 2025.

   “We plan to have a lot of new experiences for Hops games,” explained Wombacher. “Our LED displays and sound system will be best in class. We will have a lot of new group areas and seating options. Our club experience will be best in class. For non-Hops games- we expect to have some major concerts, cultural festivals, winter festivals featuring ice skating, and new events that we create from scratch and don’t currently exist in the market,” Wombacher exclaimed.

   The new stadium has lawn seating and a more baseball-like atmosphere. The Hillsboro Hops intend to hold community events as part of their growth to create more of a community so that more people will learn about the minor league team and become fans.

   “One of the major goals for this venue is to attract events not currently coming to Oregon and especially the Portland metro,” said Wombacher. “The best venues attract the best events and we want to do just that. We want this venue to be the place where people come to have fun. Doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from, we’ll have something for everyone.” — Zander Breault


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    Great article. Can’t wait for the new venue to spice up our side of town!!

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