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Ginae Borja-Johnson is a writer for the Index from O’ahu, Hawai’i. Currently, she is a sophomore pursuing a major in Film & Video Production with plans to double minor in Dance and Business Administration. She enjoys hanging out with friends, being spontaneous, and ranting about her favorite books and movies.

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Grace Alexandria is a sophomore at Pacific University majoring in Creative Writing and Graphic Design. She’s originally from Hillsboro, OR but currently lives in Stayton, OR. She also works for Marketing & Communications and the Berglund Center at Pacific.

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Haley Berger is a Pacific junior and public health major. She enjoys painting, listening to 1970’s R&B, and spending time with her beloved cat, Moose.
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Isabelle Williams is a junior at Pacific University who is majoring in Journalism and minoring in Theatre. She is from Astoria, Oregon, and enjoys writing about music and entertainment as well as investigative reporting.

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Jazmine Henning is a junior and writer for the Index. She is currently perusing a degree in English Literature. She is from the Gresham area and recently transferred from Mt. Hood Community College. Her best friend is her cat Autumn.