PLUM winners announced

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The winners of Pacific’s 2012-2013 Writing Contest have been announced. First prize winners will be published in PLUM, Pacific’s Literature by Undergraduates Magazine.

Four different categories were judged with awards given to first place winners, second place winners and honorable mentions.

The Amy M. Young Award in Creative Writing was the first award. The award recognized emerging writers at Pacific in fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing. This category had a first prize winner for each genre who won $200 each and the honorable mentions won $50.

The Award in Literary Analysis recognized writing by emerging literary scholars at Pacific. First prize was $200 and the second prize was $50. There was one honorable mention for the award as well.

The Award in College Writing recognized students in either First Year Seminar or English Writing 201. It recognized student’s writing early into their education. First prize was again, $200, second was $50 and an honorable mention was included in this category as well.

Students were allowed to submit up to 20 pages of material and had to format their work in MLA for both the Literary Analysis Award and the Award in College Writing.


Amy M. Young Award in Creative Writing


1st Prize: Quinn Ramsay: “Seeking”

Honorable Mention: Ashleigh Mahoney: “Green Willow”



1nd Prize: Rose Engelfried: “On Vultures”

Honorable Mention: Gina Warren: “Fast Car”



1st Prize: Gina Warren: “Transition”

Honorable Mention: Heather Johnson: “Gift”


Award in Literary Analysis

1st Prize: Ben Brewer:

“The Repeated Image of the Lover Destroyed: Richard Siken ad Poet of a Queer”

2nd Prize: Gina Warren:

“Articulations of the One and Other: Female Mentors and Insanity in Woman on the Edge of Time, The Handmaid’s Tale and Veronika Decides to Die”

Honorable Mention: Ashley Wilsey:

“The Great Detective(s): Poe, Conan Doyle and the Evolution of the Detective Genre”


Award in College Writing

1st Prize: Devan Bey: “I Am (Not) a Killjoy from Detroit”

2nd Prize : Samantha Cruz: “Sophisticated Technology for the Unsophsiticated Ages”

Honorable Mention: Madeline de Leon: “I’ve Got My Eye On You”


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