Cleaning project ceases to sweep

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This year, efforts to fundraise by the Theta Nu Alpha sorority were the opposite of swept.

The Theta women offered a spring-cleaning service to clean out rooms that were extremely cluttered.

More so than vacuuming and dusting, the women were offering hands on moving and organizing.

“Like ‘Hoarders’,” said Ka’imionālani Manner who is sergeant at arms and vice president of community service and fundraising for the Thetas. “We want to clean out rooms that haven’t been cleaned in years. We want to un-hoard their houses.”

But their expectations dropped when the few people who contacted the women for their services, fell through. While people contacted them for their spring-cleaning, not one person took them up on the offer.

“To be honest, most of us are really sad,” said Manner.

It’s been two years since the Thetas did this house cleaning tradition, but Stephanie Dureg headed bringing it back.

“Our past sisters have done this as a service,” said Manner. “So we wanted to bring back this tradition.”

In reflection Manner said that their lack of participation could’ve been because the Thetas were not offering to clean dorm rooms.

“I think that would be scary,” said Manner. “I don’t know what you’d find.”

Without interest from potential homeowners, the Thetas are no longer offering their cleaning service.

Another factor to stop the service was because their seniors have graduation requirements to focus on.

Next year the Thetas plan to advertise sooner and broadcast to a wider audience. They want to reach all the way to Hillsboro, if they can.

“It was a learning experience for us,” said Manner. “So we can take this and apply what we now know to next year.”


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