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This year the Center for Peace and Spirituality and Black Student Union will be hosting a series of different events in the month of February in honor of Black History Month.

Director of Student Academic Inclusion Yashica Island said
one of the main events will be an outside organization known as Culture Competency that comes in and hosts a program known as, “Culture Shock.”

This “Culture Shock” is a program that exposes individuals to cultural misconceptions through a technique known as, “Racial Hypnosis,” this hypnosis involves participants undergoing a series of different scenarios involving gender, race and culture issues. The participants are hypnotized to believe that they are whatever race, gender or culture the hypnotist wants them to be.

“The reason we don’t want to include just problems with race is because as a campus, race is not the only issue,” said Island.

There will be a focus on the African American race but there are many other factors involved that make it important to expose students to a wider range of cultural issues said Island.

“Culture Shock” will be held on Thursday, Feb. 26. The time and location has not been solidified yet.

Island is still looking for anyone who is interested in talking about certain issues regarding race and culture. She is also looking for more financial sponsors to help with the costs of the event. The event also needs volunteers so for anyone who is interested should contact Island at

Other events will be held throughout the month including a video series of different documentaries hosted by the Black Student Union pertaining to cultural issues that will be held every Tuesday night for the month of February at 7 p.m. in Marsh 216. The first documentary will be the movie “Dear White People.” The Black Student Union will also be hosting a dating game for students Feb. 9. Locations will be announced soon.

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