Student Senate President, CPS stress safety on Halloween

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Costumes, candy, and a safe party makes Halloween a favorite holiday for many students at Pacific University.

Students should remember that staying safe is the most important thing to do this holiday season. A great way to do that is to attend one of the school sponsored events here on campus. One of those events is the Hall-o-safe party for the entire Forest Grove community, put on by the Connections Club and the Greek Chapters here on campus. The event will take place in the University Center (UC) on Halloween night. Many of the booths will give out candy and prizes and is a great way for people to socialize here on campus.

The Residence Hall Association is also putting on a pancake palooza spoopy addition on campus. Pancakes will be given out to any who come by.

Students attending a party on or off campus should make sure they stay safe. Undergraduate Student Senate President and Senior Vicki Lee, had words of wisdom for the rest of the students here on campus.

“Make sure you go to parties where you know other people,” Lee said. She stressed the importance of the buddy system when attending parties. Lee also noted that students should know the contents of the drinks offered to them, keep count of their drinks and never drink and drive. But the most important reminder that Vicki Lee offered was to remember the amnesty policy. According to Lee, the amnesty policy is for both CPS and Forest Grove police. The amnesty policy protects students who are endangered due to alcohol poisoning, and whoever makes the call to get that person help. Staying safe is more important than avoiding an awkward encounter with an authority figure.

Watching out for friends is also important. There are always options for them to get home safely or to stay the night where they are at.


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