Television shows on filming on campus has disrupted campus life before but Pacific University has made a few changes to ensure future shoots go smoother and provide students with learning opportunities.

Recently, the spin-off show of Pretty Little Liars, The Perfectionists, returned to campus without much fanfare from the students who recalled a crowded and chaotic spring 2018 campus due to pilot episode filming.

However, the most recent filming was less disruptive because of the nature of the shoot and the work done by Conference and Event Support Services to limit the impact on daily campus life.

“We really tried to work to limit the disruptions,” said Lois Hornberger, senior director of conference and event support services. “They had to have a parking plan.”

Additionally, film and video students have access to unique opportunities to observe filming and ask questions.

“I know it’s not great for everyone,” said Associate Film Professor Jennifer Hardacker, “but for film video it’s pretty awesome.”

“For them to be able to experience this once or twice a year is invaluable, and they make connections,” said Hornberger.

The University also made sure that is was well compensated by greenlit show that has Pacific as a main location.

After the show was greenlit, any areas used during filming on campus that could be replicated in a sound stage have been in a facility in Clackamas. Now when the film crew returns for future episodes and maybe seasons, all they need are exterior scenes and areas that cannot be recreated like Taylor Auditorium.

“We upped our cost a bit more this time because we had scouts out here for like 10 days,” said Hornberger, but, “they only pay for the days they film.”

“Somebody from our staff is always with them when they’re filming as well,” added Hornberger, “we stay with them the entire time.”

Although the series has been approved for a 10-episode run, students have less to fear than previously thought and may have future avenues open to them.

“I’m confident as they keep coming back that our students will start to have more opportunities,” said Hardacker.


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