TEDx event features out of the ordinary speakers

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Break the mold. Change the standard. Students may have seen monochromatic posters plastered on the walls of Pacific University, promoting what is planned to be an opportunity for all attendees to broaden their minds and think outside of the box at the long awaited TEDxPacificU event.

Pacific is hosting its very own TEDx event March 16 that assures to defy the norm.

The day-long event will take place on campus, enabling students and community members alike to listen to influential speakers tell their stories, encouraging them to think about how the status quo and society structures our everyday life and inevitably controls us unknowingly.

“The status quo is a mold, not a stone, that we change day to day. With every dance, every note and every act to resist, we raise our hands, our hearts, our spirits to this: the impossible is only improbable but never impossible.” said TEDxPacificU organisers.

Pacific’s independently organized TEDx event will feature a panel of speakers all visiting the university to challenge students mind frames. Speakers range in diversity from Katie Dolphin, an exercise science professor whose dream is “to live in a world where sports promotes all that is good,” to Wafaa Almaktari, an urban storyteller and Yemen native who advocates for change, social justice and works in areas that help to empower marginalized groups.

These are just two of the speakers who will be joined by seven other guests, speaking on their experiences and theories that defy the impossible and promote healthy change.

Speakers will also include a Japanese Cultural Dance Ensemble, the co-founder of the Oregon Justice Resource Center and a spoken word artist.

“PacificU presents the final event in the series as bigger, bolder and more fun,” said organizer Julio Montelongo. “With a wide array of speakers, musicians and creativity to go around, we bring our community a chance, not easily made, but something definitely worth seeing.”

Registration for the TEDx event is open until March 1. General admission includes both sessions, breakfast and lunch, custom-made event badges and programs. The day will run from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the Taylor-Meade Performing Arts Center.

Students even have an opportunity to attend one of the two sessions for free. Register online to secure a place in what is sure to be an insightful day at Pacific.


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