Inspired Ideas Competition offers students up to $20,000

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The Berglund Center is holding its fifth annual Inspired Ideas Competition Saturday, April 6.

The competition helps people bring their ideas to life, and is geared for any major. The prize for winning the competition is $20,000-$25,000, and it could be in the form of tuition scholarships, dollars to spend for materials, or teams of people with skills to help turn a vision into reality.

Students can sign up through an easy Google form application which just asks for contact information, a description of a solution, and an explanation as to why the idea is unique. The contest gauges success not by money but how clearly a problem is being solved, and participants will give a 5 minute presentation where they will explain their “who, what, and why”

Director of the Inspired Ideas Competition Andy Soria described the competition as “Pre-Shark Tank.” It is is mainly about finding solutions to problems, and that problem solving is shown by past winners of the competition. One example is the major success story of Coho Industries. Coho Industries is a company that creates lifesaving wearable devices for first responders, and they are currently in patent review.

Another major success story is from Pacific alum Halley Farwood who created Heart Games LLC. With her kickstart being launched by the Berglund Center, Heart Games LLC produces video games that are focused around psychology and mental health. The games help those with mental health problems such as depression and anxiety. One of the games is called Happymart which helps with clinical depression. She won the Inspired Ideas Competition twice and in 2017 finished in the final 3 with Oregon and Oregon State in past competitions.

The Inspired Ideas Competition will be held in the Miguel Auditorium. Students can sign up by going to


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