Pacific Students and Professors Make Plans for Spring Break

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Spring break is right around the corner which means no classes for a week. Some students like sophomore and education learning major, Sidney Tanaka, plan on returning home. 

“I’ll be home on Maui. But it’s not like I’m going to do anything. I’ll probably go to the beach at least once this spring break,” Tanaka said.

Since she is a remote learner, Tanaka plans on staying on Maui for the rest of the semester and coming back to campus next fall. She hopes that students will continue taking precautions to keep the university open and prevent the spread of COVID-19.

There are some students who are staying at Pacific like Sarah Mooney. She plans on staying in her apartment for the week with her mother coming to visit, though this isn’t what Mooney usually does for spring break. 

“Typically my mother and I travel to Las Vegas during spring break, but Vegas has been a COVID hot spot so we decided not to go this year.” said Mooney

Some students, like sophomore and Japanese major Dylan Awana, plan to spend some time hanging out with friends during their time off.

“I was hoping to maybe see one of my friends who isn’t on campus this semester but kind of lives nearby. But I don’t know if I’ll be doing that the whole week,” said Awana.

When he’s not spending time with his friends, Awana plans on training for track and field.

Professors, on the other hand, aren’t able to fully relax yet. Philosophy professor Ramona Ilea says she has ethics and logic exams to grade over the break. 

Ilea typically tries to get together with friends or travel a bit during spring break. But due to Covid, she has decided to put those plans on pause and stay at home for the week.

Other professors, however, have vastly different plans. Professor of politics and government, Jeff Seward, has two spring break plans for him and his wife.

“Friday morning. We’re getting our second vaccination at 10 o’clock. Then we’re going to go spend a week at Eagle Crest Resort,” Seward said.

He says that he initially wasn’t going to go, but ever since he got the first Covid vaccination, he feels safer about going out. Seward plans on relaxing with his wife, playing golf, and grading midterm exams during his stay at the resort.

For those planning on spending time off campus overnight and returning back to campus, remember that the Oregon Health Authority is requiring negative Covid-19 tests before you return in order to participate in campus activities and in-person classes. With that being said, enjoy spring break and continue taking precautions against Covid-19. — Kaleb Makimoto

Photo by Grace Alexandria: The Oregon coast during summer 2020.


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