Response: Pacific welcomes people of all backgrounds

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In response to Ryan Rosback’s commentary about political diversity at Pacific (See, The Pacific Index’s Oct. 21, 2010 issue – pg 2): Mr. Rosback’s editorial is based on incomplete information. He suggests that Pacific University does not encourage as many perspectives as possible. People of all backgrounds are welcome at Pacific University. Messages that may incite violent reactions, or make individuals or groups feel physically threatened, are not.
Two messages in particular had the potential to result in either scenario, which is why they were removed. Free speech is indeed critical to both public discourse and individual liberty, as Mr. Rosback pointed out. Yet, it cannot happen if a person of any background feels intimidated to the point where they will not fully express themselves for fear of physical harm or other retribution.
Messages that profess death to a specific group of people, or characterize an entire subset of the world population as terrorists, compromise a culture of safety and security among University community members who identify themselves with those groups.
Pacific University will continue to respond in appropriate ways to ensure a safe environment for all of its community members and campus visitors.

Read Ryan Rosback’s original commentary from the Oct. 21 issue


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