Many kids are learning things in the classroom, but have no idea how to use them in their everyday life. A team of seniors Shanlee Gusman, Katie Sakumoto, Jadelyn Thompson and Sonja Elofoson have gone on a mission in order to change that.

Their senior project, titled “Real World Application Of Math In A Migration Curriculum,” is a curriculum made for third and fourth graders in the Forest Grove Community School.

Gusman and her team came up with this curriculum after doing student surveys, observations in class, teacher surveys and a lot of research. Their findings were that students learn in classrooms but don’t know how to apply those learnings in their daily life.

Their mission was to improve their findings and make a curriculum that was focused on place-based learning, where an individual will learn the information in the classroom but also learn how to use it in their lives by doing different activities.

A former exercise science major, Gusman switched to an education major focusing in early childhood education her junior year. Gusman said the reason why she enjoyed working on her project was because her teams curriculum was going to be implemented into a school. She added that the kids are our future, and we need to give them as much knowledge as we can.

The team of four will be giving two presentations of their curriculum. The first on Monday April 22 in Berglund Hall lower level, and the second on Wednesday April 24 in a location to be determined.


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