Editor-in-Chief of The Pacific Index retires early

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It is with great sadness the Pacific Index says goodbye to the only person that ever read all of its stories. Editor-in-Chief Shelby Cokeley announced her early retirement from the newspaper via a courier pigeon from her new zen garden near Henry Hagg Lake.  

“After reading one of the Counseling Center’s articles during a late night editing session, I felt as if I needed to cut out some of the negativity in life,” Cokeley said. “So the Pacific Index was obviously first to go.”

During the interview process Cokeley repeatedly spoke of her Starbucks withdrawals, but says her new lifestyle has helped reduce the amount of migraines she used to receive from excessive screen time and ease the carpal tunnel affects she has from sending out reminder emails each week.

Though she feels poorly about leaving sophomore Hannah Kendall in charge of the newspaper, Cokeley says the job should be at least a bit more manageable because of her earlier impact.

“At least there’s not a mice problem down in the basement anymore, or ants, or broken computers, or an outstanding website bill of $700 — I handled all of that last semester.”

While she does feel tinges of guilt every now and then, Cokeley knows that her old editing staff, complete with two other students, will be just fine. Leaving inexperienced students in charge of a 127-year-old newspaper was something Cokeley was taught from both her predecessor Harrison Clifford and her advisor, professor Dave Cassady.

“I truly wish I had the energy to endure couple mental breakdowns over missing stories and AP Style rules,” Cokeley said. “But now, if the paper looks atrocious, just know it’s not my fault.”   


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