The days of the Boxer here at Pacific University have come to an end. The university has struggled in recent years to find a mascot that better exemplifies school spirit and campus life, but the wait for true representation has ended.

The chubby Western Gray Squirrel and all its beautiful qualities purely illustrates Pacific’s atmosphere and attitude toward almost everything. Rodents serve a key role in the ecosystem, as they provide food and nourishment for other species. This aspect of chunky squirrels, one could argue, is almost completely analogous to Pacific’s athletic programs, except for the handball team of course.

Also, squirrels collect large quantities of food and stow away in their dens during winter time — just as Pacific students do. The obese squirrel is a tree-lover and an adventurer, just as a large portion of Pacific’s student body and faculty is committed to the environment.

Possibly the most striking similarity between fluffy squirrels and Pacific’s student body is the quality of their diet. Just as squirrels do, Pacific students struggle to find tasty food that is not a danger to their wellbeing.

Grit, will to survive and ambition to prosper are all shared by the Pacific community and scrappy squirrels. Students give it their all every day to ensure their success at Pacific, just as the community’s squirrels do.

This being said, campus must live up to the mascot’s reputation and role, exemplify the university as true Pacific Chubby Squirrels!


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