Tutoring center expands range of services

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The Tutoring and Learning Center located in Scott Hall offers student-to-student tutoring for undergraduates in the College of Arts and Sciences. According to the TLC’s official web page, student tutors are approved by faculty members that specialize in their areas of expertise after being screened initially. Tutors are available to help other students on a drop-in basis and cover a variety of subjects, from math to foreign language.

“We have a lot of study groups that come in here and use the space for a variety subjects,” said Director of the Tutoring and Learning Center Yashica Island. She also stated that even though students come in to the TLC for assistance on various academic needs, there are subjects that students tend to need help with more than others.

“Math, writing, chemistry and physics are probably the main subjects that people are coming to get help with,” said Island. “It depends on the night. I would say writing is number one, but… it’s tied with science.”

This year, the TLC has added another subject they are offering assistance with, foreign languages.

The center now provides tutors to help with all languages taught at Pacific, including French, German, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese.

“Because it’s such a new service, we’re not sure if the word has gotten out to all the students,” said Island. “But the tutors are here. They are free and available. They would love more students to come during their hours.”

Business hours at the TLC are Sunday to Thursday nights from 7 to 10 p.m. However, one big issue that Island mentioned was the need for afternoon tutoring. This academic year has seen an increase in non-traditional students and as a result of their schedules or other needs that need to be tended to, afternoon tutoring is becoming more and more of a necessity.

“[A survey] said that [students] preferred evening tutoring,” said Island. “But now, as the year’s going on, there’s so many people stopping by and it seems like there’s a huge need for afternoon tutoring.”

Although afternoon tutoring is not yet offered on a walk-in basis, appointments can be made with individual tutors.

When there are not any tutors available in the TLC, the space can be used as a study area to work individually, or to meet up in groups for various academic reasons. If tutors are needed, though, they are available and are happy to provide Pacific students with their service, said Island.


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