20 Miles from the Epicenter

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A conversation about the fentanyl crises   On January 18, Portland declared a State of Emergency to address the fentanyl crisis that, like many west coast cities, has ravaged thousands; a potent synthetic drug, fentanyl deaths have raced upwards more than … Continued

NCAA Sports Betting

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The DIII athlete’s sports bet the most among all NCAA divisions.     In 2018, the Supreme Court gave freedom to individual states whether to legalize sports betting. Including Oregon, 38 states have done so, with 29 allowing online wagering. It has … Continued

Diving Into The Deep Ends

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Pacific student represents the NWC at NCAA conferences.  Whether in the pool at the Forest Grove Aquatic Center or halfway across the country, Maddie Russell has always found herself invested in the world of sports. And, as she concludes her … Continued

Inspiring The Next Generation

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Girls from the community came to learn and play with Pacific’s Women’s athletes   Support for women’s sports begins at a young age, and Pacific is doing its part to encourage local girls to participate in athletic activities. Throughout her life, … Continued

Street-level Education

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Professor Boykoff’s Politics of Homelessness Course immerses students in the pressing realities of homelessness in Portland through both travel and classroom materials.  The distance between Forest Grove and Portland is approximately 25 miles. Students attending colleges and universities have heard … Continued