Outdoor Pursuits breaks out new water gear for spring trips

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Outdoor Pursuits is offering a wide variety of trips for this spring, especially now that the sun is out. Outdoor Pursuits ,OP, is planning to host surfing, sea kayaking and stand-up paddleboarding trips throughout the semester.

“The best thing about spring trips is that you get back out on the water,” said Outdoor Pursuits Cadre and Operations Manager Tailor Dolgin.

OP recently bought ten new stand-up paddleboards, allowing the spring trips to be at Scappoose Bay instead of Hagg lake.

The upcoming paddleboard trips, which will be taking place April 16 and May 1, will accommodate for eight interested participants and two excited leaders.

“Stand-up paddleboards in the last couple of years have become very popular because there are lots of different ways you can use them” said Dolgin.

Paddleboards are fun and easy to ride and can be used in bays, lakes or slow moving rivers. People also have been known to surf with them and OP is hoping to inspire students at Pacific University to try the same.

Along with paddle boarding, OP is excited to host the sea kayaking trip and surfing trip.

Some of the most successful trips that OP has put on in the past have been the white water kayak series and the summit series.

Within these series, OP leaders put together multiple days of learning the dangers and techniques, preparing people to take on the specific activity, followed by the actual trip.

These trips were inspired by leaders within OP that had a passion and wanted to share that with the students at Pacific. They are hoping to put on more series trips in the future.

Spring break is another very popular trip that they are looking to continue and try to share with anyone who is interested in the future.

In the future, OP is looking to do white water rafting with their own team members certified by an outside company.

Dolgin expresses how the OP trips overall have had great turnouts, from freshman excited to get out to seniors who just want to get out and see more of Oregon before they graduate. She would like Pacific students to know the OP team is always looking for new ideas and equipment to play with.


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