MarCom opens doors to students

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If anyone has ever wondered how Pacific University’s name and legacy makes its way around and throughout the country, look no further than the Marketing and Communications Department (MarCom).

MarCom is made up of a 10 person staff that handles anything and everything from the creation of the Pacific Magazine to the creation of templates for a number of different groups on campus to use as informational posters.

“I see our job as a way to tell the story of Pacific,” Jenni Luckett, interim associate vice president of marketing and communications said. “Not just advertising, but control of the centralized media.”

MarCom handles a number of Pacific media and multi-media outlets, including Facebook and Twitter pages.

They even work on the digital shorts, “Boxer Tales” and “Boxer Shorts.”

According to Luckett, the whole MarCom office views their tasks as an opportunity to help students in the future.

“We want students to move on and go apply for jobs and have an employer go ‘oh Pacific University, I have heard of that,’” Luckett said. “That is our main goal.”

MarCom’s last big project was the creation of the new university website three years ago.

“The website continues to be a priority for us,” Luckett said. “With technology changing so fast, we have to keep up with the tech savvy students.”

The other constant project for MarCom is the Pacific Magazine, which comes out two to three times a year and produces around 28,500 copies each publication.

The copies are then sent out to alumni, donors and student parents.

“The goal of the magazine itself is to spread awareness of alumni and their successes,” Luckett said. “As well the university carrying out missions outside of Pacific walls.”



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