The Psychic of Forest Grove

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Light shone through the glass facade. It was warm enough to leave the door open, allowing the sound of traffic to perforate the room. The walls were sheet white and the main room was spacious. It smelled strongly of flowers, peony, perhaps roses, or a combination of herbs, though no candle or incense was apparent. It was calm and empty. I was nervous.

I had no idea what to expect. I had never been told my fortune. Or had anyone read my palms. Or visited any manner of psychic other than my friends amateur tarot card readings. Going to someone who knew what they were doing was a totally different experience.

I met with Daisy Stevens, the Psychic of Forest Grove, and she invited me to a room in the back, where a deck of tarot cards lay on the cold black table. We got to talking about her and her gift. How she’s known about it since she was around 7, how her mother introduced her to tarot, how a lot of people walk into it expecting to hear horrible news about their or a loved one’s death, when in most cases they hear the opposite. She had a calming presence that made her easy and fun to talk to. She was clearly a professional who cares about her customers. 

It came time for me to draw my cards. I placed my hand on top of the deck and concentrated. When I removed my hand, she flipped the cards and laid them out in the shape of an inverted pyramid. The hum of cars resonated in the background. Her prediction came almost instantly.

Her prediction went: I will be very health conscious and live a long life into my 80s, and will find myself very active that whole time. I will father multiple kids and have grandchildren. Being a lawyer might be in my future, as I have a loud voice that is not often heard, and I must be wary of holding myself back.

I was anxious over nothing. Psychics and tarot have a negative connotation in some circles. In my experience, after meeting with Daisy, I can say with confidence those stereotypes are an unfounded exaggeration.


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